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✅ Last time we talked about how to perform well in front of an audience.
📑 For instance, the introduction should incorporate a joke or a story from your personal experience. Once you have captured the audience’s attention, guide them into the main body of your speech. It should contain a thesis along with supporting arguments. And finally – conclusion. Formulate a conclusion from everything you have said before. But you shouldn’t forget, every good speech must be supported by a good presentation.

💎 Therefore, we are going to share with you some useful links with tricks that will help you make a unique presentation on the topic.

1. Canva – https://www.youtube.com/@canva/videos – Сanva tutorial;
2. Design with Canva – https://www.youtube.com/@TeamRonDi/videos – Canva tutorial;
3. SlideSkills – https://www.youtube.com/@SlideSkills/videos%20- – Power point tutorials;
4. FuadWays PowerPoint Design – https://www.youtube.com/@canva/videos – Power point tutorials.

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