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Today we will discuss the most important things that will help you to make a good presentation and present yourself successfully.

Before you start talking about the topic, you should be aware that there are as many viewpoints as there are people in the world. Therefore, in advance you should be familiar with all the aspects, minute details and potential pitfalls of a given topic. Listen to lectures on the topic in order to be able to return an answer to your opponent in the most dignified way. To make a good impression with your presentation, it must grab the attention of the audience.

Therefore, before planning your presentation, pay attention to the external requirements for it.
1. Stick to the minimalist style but avoid standard templates. You should not have unnecessary things on the slides. The less stuff you put on your slides, the more powerful the visual message you're sending will be.
2. Limit the use of bullets and text. There should be a minimum of information on the slides, and exactly that which you have not mentioned before. Sometimes the best slides can have no text at all.
3. Limit animations. In general, stick to only the most refined and professional methods. For switching between individual slides, use no more than 2-3 types of effects and do not place animations between all slides.
4. Use high quality photos and graphics. Use photos that were taken on the digital camera or quality photos from the Internet (just remember about the author’s rights). To visualize the statistics, use charts - circular, with vertical or horizontal column.
5. Use colors correctly. Research shows that the use of the right color can increase interest and improve comprehension and memorization. «Cool» colors are best suited for backgrounds, as they allow us to «get away» from the background. «Warm» colors are usually best for foreground objects (text), as they create the illusion that they are «coming» towards us. If you will be presenting in a darkened room, then choosing a dark background (dark blue, gray, etc.) with light text will be a good idea. But if you plan to keep the hall lights on, then a white background with black or dark text will work much better for you.
6. Choose the right fonts. Use the same font throughout the presentation. Avoid using «Serif» fonts in presentations, when designing they have the property of getting lost due to the low resolution of projectors. You can use «Arial Black», «Arial», «Gill Sans» fonts. To be sure of whether the font is suitable, take a look in advance at the presentation and you will see if it is readable from the end of the hall.
7. Use video or audio whenever possible. Their use will change the rhythm of the presentation and increase the interest of the audience.

That's it for today, in the next post we will share some useful links that will help you make incredibly interesting presentations that grab the audience's attention.

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